Who We Are

Endeavor Wealth Management is the outcome of many experiences that has shaped and molded the goals of the firm. We understand that our client's success is our success. This cannot be a transaction oriented relationship; it has to be a relationship built on a foundation of trust that can only come from focusing on the needs of each client. This is supported in the creation and implementation of your tailored financial plan. Endeavor Wealth Management is the structure to represent the values and principles of our firm. The message is that we begin with the End in mind. Which is our way of saying that we start with your goals first and plan on how to pursue those goals before we ever make any recommendations to you.

What does “We begin with the End” mean? On first glance it might not sound appealing to begin with the End in mind. But the End is any destination you choose. We have to know where we are going before we can ever begin to plan. Let's say you decide to take a trip to a destination you have never been then you would most likely consult a map or seek advice on the best route to take. The same fundamentals are true for financial planning.

The markets are in many regards independent of you. Market outcomes are a product of cycles and uncertainty. The exact opposite of what a person would confidently choose when setting out on a journey. We give you clarity around your goals and seek to limit the surprises that can be expected on any journey. We strive to achieve this by providing you the map you need to reach your destination; your financial plan.

As Winston Churchill said, “he who fails to plan is planning to fail.” A great majority of mistakes are made in investing when a person does not have sound reasoning for their actions. Our actions are sound because they are supported by your financial plan. It is the processes that we follow that differentiates our services and how we invest for you. By beginning with the end in mind we are not distracted by things that are out of our control. Instead we are clearly focused on what matters most; you and your goals.