Our Process

Establish the relationship

This is accomplished by meeting to discuss your expectations and ours. We ask questions and listen to understand what you are trying to achieve. We answer any questions you might have. Our focus is to understand what you may need from us and how we may best assist you. We mutually determine the scoop of our relationship and how we will work together.

Gather information

At this point we have mutually agreed to work together. We will provide you a list of documents you will need to organize and then provide us. This part of our process is the quantitative side (data) and think of this as the frame to a car. A sturdy car frame is important to the integrity of the vehicle, but it cannot move itself. We will gather and organize all your important financial information. This will allow us to gain an understanding of your past investment history.

But it is your qualitative side (feelings) that is the engine that drives the car. This is the part that helps us understand why decisions were made in the past and how those experiences have shaped your outlook. We will ask questions and then listen. The answers given allow us to grow to know you and all that you want to achieve. The questions most likely will open up avenues that you have not ventured down in the past and will provide the structure needed to shape your goals. The purpose of this step is to build your tailored financial plan. Your financial plan will become the backdrop to all our future conversations and drive our investment recommendations.

Analyze information

At this point there are many pieces to the puzzle and it is just a matter of putting everything together. We will work with your other professional relationships (CPA, attorney, etc.) to ensure efficiency in the information and synergy between your team members. This is where our experience shapes and molds the information gathered to create your financial plan.

Development your plan and recommendations

Once we have the initial analysis we will present to you with our recommendations for your feedback and consideration. The first part of this step is to present a consolidated “Recommendations” statement. (Of course this also involves our investment recommendations but you can view that part of our process on the tab labeled “Investment Process”.) The “Recommendations” can involve many areas and most importantly is specific to you and your needs. The backdrop to everything is your financial plan. We cannot stress enough the importance we place in creating an individualized financial plan for our clients. Not only does it help us in presenting to you our recommendations and reasoning in relation to you goals, but it also holds us accountable and helps us to stay focused on what we are trying to achieve; guiding you to the achievement of your goals.

Implement your plan

Now the fun part begins as it is time to put words to action. At this point we are both clear on how we will invest and the reasons for it. Your financial plan goes live so you can now track your progress towards your goals.

Monitor your investments and our relationship

This step ensures that we continue to maintain your trust and confidence by periodically speaking on the phone, and scheduling face to face meeting to update your progress and life changes. We take into consideration major macro-economic changes (i.e. the big picture). We gauge how economic changes may impact you and your portfolio. We adjust as life changes impact your progress towards your financial goals i.e. marriage, children, unforeseen events, divorce, family loss, etc. These are the changes that we must update in your plan to gauge its impact on your goals. The outcome will be reflective in your investment allocation based on overall risk desired.